Power of Legacy


There are “heroes” among us, you have met them.  It may have been a teacher that opened your eyes and your mind in a way that no teacher had done before.  Or perhaps it was a Grandparent whose kindness and wisdom warmed you during the darkest of moments in your life.  Maybe it was even a nameless stranger who reached out with compassion at a time when life seemed hopeless. All of us have been influenced by others during our life’s journey.  Those who inspired us to achieve, to give back to others and to live a life of significance are what I call ‘PERSONAL HEROES”. Some have touched the lives of millions with their commitment to the values of charity and empathy while others perhaps only a few.  But it only takes one person to change the course of history for another human being. “PROFILES in LEGACY” is a celebration of those who have chosen to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.  Who is Your Personal Hero?  Honor their lives by writing about them and how they touched your life. They deserve it and others may share in their inspiration.

The film ended, the final credits were running and yet not one person in the theatre stirred. Each of us sat transfixed as actual photo images of American Sniper Chris Kyle’s funeral flashed on the movie screen. Navy Seal Kyle, […]

Freedom is a magnificent word. The very concept is as expansive as the galaxy and just as mysterious and misunderstood. To define it is as elusive as trying to grab the droplets of a fresh spring rain, the scent of […]

The Power of Legacy believes in celebrating people who believe in the concepts of Kindness, Charity, Compassion and Empathy. People who make a difference in the lives of others. During this holiday season Amy Lowell decided that she would make […]